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Proper Desktops:

The Proper PCs are built with brand new components. The Proper Small PC and Proper Bargain PC are Proper-ly refurbished units. All Proper PCs and Laptops feature 802.11n networking and Intel processors, and all models of computers come with Windows 10, except for the Bargain PC, which comes with Windows 7. The Proper Small PC can be ordered with Windows 7 instead, if desired. The Proper PCs can only support Windows 10.

Proper PCs

$899.99, $1,199.99 & $1699.99
Proper Small PC

Proper Bargain PC


Proper Laptops:

All Proper Laptops are Proper-ly refurbished to have great battery life and performance. Each one has a Solid State Drive (SSD), which provides blazing-fast performance. Any Proper Laptop can be ordered with Windows 7 or 10.

All Proper Laptops contain Intel Core i5 processors (or better). All Proper Laptops contain 8GB of RAM or bigger. All Proper Laptops contain 120GB SSDs or bigger.
Proper Laptop

Proper Tablet

Proper Small Laptop

Proper Big Laptop


* These prices are the original, starting MSRP of the product.

Custom Quote:

If you need a system for special purposes not covered by any of the systems above, such as a workstation, or you need a computer with a certain port, such as serial or parallel ports, please contact us to get a custom quote. Enter a brief description of your needs, your budget, and the features for which you are looking.

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