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About Us

Proper Computers & Repair LLC was established on 1/13/2017 with the mission of providing a quality of service that exceeds your expectations. We not only repair laptops and PCs but also sell reliable refurbished laptops with solid state drives. Additionally, we have new and refurbished desktops designed to meet your specific needs. You can be confident that we will do what it takes to satisfy.

Proper Computers & Repair LLC would like to thank the wonderful folks at the GoodWork Network for their wisdom and guidance in the launching of our business. We encourage all who dream of launching their first business to attend the workshops and utilize the resources offered there free of charge.

The Philosophy of Proper

What is Proper? Doing something Proper is doing it in an efficient and sensibly-priced manner. Thus, a Proper computer is a sensibly-priced machine that gets what you want to be done, and does an excellent job at it, while still remaining power-efficient. Proper is the king of bang-for-your-buck; it means that you aren't spending heaps of money for something worthless. It also means a lower-cost system that isn't a disaster.

We believe that "low-cost" and "value" shouldn't mean "low-quality". A low-cost computer should still be just as reliable as a top-of-the-line model, but merely not as capable for high-demand tasks. However, a low-cost computer should still allow you to upgrade its components, but any wisely-purchased computer of any price point should never need an upgrade unless your needs change after purchase.

Additionally, many people could be equally as happy using older hardware for even less money. This could mean repairing what you already have, or simply buying a refurbished system from us. We provide both!

This doesn't have to remain as only a concept. It needs to be a reality, and that's what Proper Computers & Repair is here to show!

The History of Proper

Back in July of 2015, Joseph "racecar56" Schultz wanted a certain type of game mode for Garry's Mod. He found two or three, and tried each one out, with no success. None of them worked; they didn't even do
what they said on the tin! How could this be?

Alas, this was the truth. He didn't like this, so he set off to make a Proper version of it. This was to illustrate that it was done right. It was a long journey, but it worked; he finally had a functional game mode! It was a hit amongst its small userbase, but it never saw the light of the public.

As time passed, eventually, Proper morphed into more things; Proper PCs, Proper programming, and it continued to expand. Proper became a general term, describing an object or method that gets the job done in more efficient and affordable manner than others.

Proper PCs were introduced in late 2014. They were computers and computer part lists that made breakthroughs in their excellent value; far cheaper than the competition, yet superior for what matters. They eventually became the basis for Proper Computers & Repair LLC.

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