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§ Which system do I buy?

It all depends on your needs and budget.

§ Where can I get a Proper Computer?

Currently, there are three ways you can buy computers from us. First, if you reside in the Greater New Orleans area or vicinity, you can purchase directly from us with cash, check or money order. Second, if you would like an item listed online but do not live in our local area, you are encouraged to shop from us online at eBay. Third, if we do not have your desired product listed there, or if you have a custom need that none of our listed products address, please contact us for a special quote.

§ What services do you provide?

We provide repair and routine maintenance service for personal computers and laptops. We sell new desktop systems and refurbished laptops. We offer pick-up and delivery service to the Greater New Orleans area.

§ Why should I get a Proper system?

Our systems offer a lot more value than you'll find most retailers selling today. Additionally, instead of offering dozens of different systems, we offer a small, simple selection that's easy to understand and browse.

Proper PCs

Unlike most off-the-shelf, mass-manufactured desktops made for nobody in particular, Proper PCs are meant for you. What you do directly affects the best system choice for you, and we can help you make the right choice.

It's also better than building a system yourself because Proper PCs use parts specifically selected for good reliability, expandability, performance, and efficiency qualities. Even the size, noise output and light output of the computer has had attention paid to it; these systems, no matter how powerful, will fit great on any desk and won't keep you awake at night with loud fans and bright lights.

Proper Laptops

First, let's talk about how much better our laptops are than the refurbished competition. Then, let's talk about how much better our laptops are than the brand new competition!


Most refurbished laptops you can buy are anywhere from poor to good condition. Instead of leaving you to worry how bad the system you receive might look, we make things better for you by offering all of our systems in good condition. We replace failing and worn-down parts first, and then we sell our systems. Isn't that how all refurbished computers should be?

Thus, we not only guarantee the Proper Laptop that you receive to be fully functional and free of defects for 90 days from purchase time, but we also guarantee the Proper Laptop you receive to be free of major cosmetic defects when you get it!

Brand new

Just like the Proper PCs, most off-the-shelf, mass-manufactured laptops are made for nobody in particular. Our laptops are intelligently selected for you. We don't forget about portability and usability like the others do. Proper Laptops are actually laptops built for business, meaning that they are built more solid than most laptops!

Want to see more about how our laptops compare to the brand new competition? Scroll down!

§ What are the warranty terms?

Proper PCs and Proper Laptops alike are guaranteed for 90 days from purchase date to be fully functional and free of defects. Although any Proper PC and Proper Laptop will be free of major cosmetic defects when you receive them, any cosmetic damage done after purchase is not covered, and any damage from abuse such as spilled liquids or dropping the computer are also not covered under the warranty. Cracked screens are also not covered under warranty.

§ I've heard that Windows 10 has lots of privacy concerns. How can I feel safer while running the newest OS?

We do include Windows 10 with all of our computers that are not of the Bargain type because ultimately, we believe that people will be happier with the inclusion of Windows 10 over Windows 8 or 7, as Windows 10 has more features, is newer, and will continue to receive updates for a long time. To reduce privacy concerns, we run O&O ShutUp10 on all Windows 10 systems before they are sold.

Additionally, only Windows 10 supports DirectX 12, so in order for our Proper PCs to run DirectX 12-enabled programs, they must run Windows 10.

§ I'd still like another version of Windows than Windows 10.

The Bargain types of computers we offer come with Windows 7. Additionally, all other computers than the Proper PCs can be requested to order with Windows 7 instead. As the Proper PCs use newer processors, Windows 7 is not properly supported on the Proper PCs.

§ How do your Proper Laptops compare to brand new laptops?



The processing speed of a brand-new laptop using any typical processor is not much different from our Proper laptops. This means that when doing typical things like web browsing, you won't notice much of a difference, if any.


Memory tends to be about the same on a brand new laptop as our Proper Laptops.


Our Proper laptops come with solid-state storage ranging from 120 to 480 GB. Many brand new laptops feature more storage than this, but this is because many brand new laptops still use the old technology of the standard Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which features more storage than a SSD of the same price, but performs far, far worse, especially under intense disk load. It's worth noting that Windows 10, which all brand new computers come with these days, as well as most of our Proper computers, is very harsh on hard drives. It hates them, and so will you, if you try using a brand new laptop with Windows 10 and a hard drive!

Most people don't seem to utilize the extra storage space of a hard drive, so we believe that using a SSD instead of a HDD is a worthy tradeoff, as it results in a computer that performs much better than one with a standard HDD.

As a result, our laptops, once again, feature less storage than some laptops today...but that means they perform so much better!


All of our Proper laptops feature Intel HD Graphics. This gives you good 2D and 3D capabilities, which are enough to run lots of 2D or lighter 3D games.

In comparison to brand new laptops, our Proper laptops run 2D games and basic 3D games equally as well as they do. As the game in question gets heavier, however, the brand new laptop will shine better. However, it's worth noting that there is a point when a game is too heavy even for a brand new laptop.

Worth noting is the fact that brand new laptops tend to feature glossy screens, which make everything look bad under light.

Battery Life

Unlike most refurbished laptops, all of our Proper laptops feature batteries that are in great condition. Before we sell the laptops, we replace the batteries if they're in poor condition (>30% wear). This helps Proper laptops run much longer on battery than otherwise.

All of our Proper laptops are also business models, which run longer on battery than standard models of laptops. This helps greatly with battery life.

Noteworthy is the fact that brand-new laptops often do not have user-replaceable batteries, whereas all Proper Laptops do feature this. This means that you could buy another battery from us and have twice the battery life!


Brand-new laptops usually feature USB 3.0. While our Proper Laptops (with the exception of the Proper Small Laptop) do not feature USB 3.0 by default, they can be expanded with an ExpressCard to support it, with ExpressCard being a feature that brand-new laptops lack. Proper Laptops also feature dual-band wireless capabilities.

Proper Laptops also have more USB and video ports on average than brand-new laptops, letting you do more with USB, and giving you a better selection of video ports when you need them. Instead of being Mini or Micro varieties, they are all full-sized, allowing you to use more readily-available cables instead of needing a bunch of adapters like on brand-new laptops.

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